Pain Management

Pain Clinic is a specialized medical service dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and application of interventional techniques for the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. Patients referred to our clinics often have pain that has not responded to treatment by other physicians or seeking non-surgical pain relief.

Elkatib Pain Management Unit offers many safe, proven, effective treatments designed to eliminate or reduce chronic pain. Our physicians are dedicated to the goal of helping people with chronic pain return to a normal, productive lifestyle. Our consultants are among the most experienced, treating hundreds of new patients each year. Using the latest in diagnostic technology, paired with medical and interventional therapeutics, they will work with you to identify the source of the pain, eliminate or reduce the pain, and teach you to manage it.

Pain is one of the most common complaints presented to physicians today, yet it is one of the most difficult medical problems to understand and treat adequately. In the setting of an acute injury, pain serves a useful purpose as a warning system of possible bodily harm. However, we now understand that pain can occur without any discernible injury, and can persist beyond the expected healing period.

Pain takes a tremendous toll, not only in human suffering, but also causes enormous disruptions in personal relationships and employment. Additionally, chronic pain has a tremendous economic impact on society. Usual daily activities, once taken for granted, become physical and mental challenges.

It is our philosophy that the patient should take an active role in their own treatment. We encourage patient involvement in the medical decision-making process and invite questions and opinions regarding treatment options.


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